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Making Fiscal Sense

May 20, 2008
by Gary Enos
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Lobbying to save a program from government budget cuts certainly makes sense, but it is also prudent to adjust to changing financial circumstances before the ax falls. In my home state of Rhode Island, where "recession" and "fiscal crisis" are part of the everyday conversation, the gambling treatment program at Rhode Island Hospital is using newspaper advertising to warn residents that they might have difficulty locating information about the program in the coming months. "Due to legislative budget cuts, our ability to reach out to the public may be severely limited," the forward-looking ad reads. The announcement later states that services will remain available even to individuals without insurance, but warns, "Cut this ad out and save it. Make copies of it. Give it to somebody you care about. Post it for your employees. We won't be able to advertise much this year."


Gary Enos


Gary Enos

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