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An Inclusive Gambling Conference

June 2, 2008
by Gary Enos
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The typical professional conference in behavioral health tends to feature a lot of talk about how to help patients, but usually not in the presence of the very individuals being discussed. It is noteworthy to recognize the National Council on Problem Gambling taking a different avenue for its June 26-28 National Conference on Problem Gambling, the 22nd such meeting. The third day of the conference in Long Beach, California will be a "Community Day" bringing together counseling professionals and recovering individuals. The latter group will be able to pay a special day payment rate to attend that day's sessions. "We are working with local GA and Gam-Anon to get the word out, and have a number of sessions designed to help counselors better understand what goes on in meetings, and to help recovering folks understand therapy, neuroscience of addiction, etc.," says Keith Whyte, the council's executive director. Whyte says the day is designed to assist in what he calls the "translation" between counselors and recovery. More information on the conference is available at Were the perspectives of recovering individuals prominently represented at the last professional conference you attended? If not, it's probably time for its organizers to go back to the drawing board.


Gary Enos


Gary Enos

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