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Celebrities Aren't Going Away

July 18, 2008
by Gary Enos
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If addiction professionals had the ultimate say, "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew" would be a one-season phenomenon. But a blog on the VH1 Web site indicates that a second season of the show that was much-criticized in the treatment field is scheduled to begin airing this fall. It seems abundantly clear that treatment professionals will continue not to like much about televised portrayals of treatment, while the public will continue to watch accounts of the famous in trouble. One can only hope viewers are able to take away from this some useful messages about treatment and recovery. Back during the airing of Celebrity Rehab's first season, VH1's president received a letter from a leading treatment administrator that branded the show as public exploitation. "These individuals—`celebrities' or not—deserve a chance to get well," the administrator wrote. "They're not playing a game. They're not putting on a `show.' They're trying to get a life. And you can't do that when cameras are there to corrupt the treatment process." What are your thoughts?


Gary Enos


Gary Enos


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