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A Break From Convention This Week

August 25, 2008
by Gary Enos
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This historic national political campaign is also breaking new ground for the addiction treatment and recovery communities. At the Democratic National Convention this morning, the groups working together under the Whole Health Campaign will host the Democratic party's first "Recovery Caucus" to discuss the party platform's statements on addiction and mental health. A morning news release states that this year's Democratic platform cites behavioral health issues more than any other platform has in the past, incorporating language on parity, prevention, veterans' care, and diversion to treatment for drug-involved offenders. Also, throughout the week in Denver a "Wellness Room" at the convention will host 12-Step and other recovery support meetings. Caron Treatment Centers, the Betty Ford Center, and the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) are among the room's sponsors. "We are grateful for the opportunity to provide a space for convention-goers in recovery from addiction or mental illness," said Tom Coderre of the organization Faces and Voices of Recovery. Stay tuned for a response from Republican leaders, as the Whole Health Campaign has offered to establish a Wellness Room at next week's Republican National Convention as well.


Gary Enos


Gary Enos


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