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Will healthcare job growth touch addiction?

December 9, 2013
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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The job site CareerCast.com last week issued a report on the top job opportunities in the changing healthcare system, and no titles associated with addiction or mental health services appeared among the leading dozen positions.

The five hottest health professions in CareerCast’s 2013 Jobs Rated report were biomedical engineer, dental hygienist, occupational therapist, optometrist and physical therapist.

Among the top 12, the only position at an average salary level close to the relatively low compensation for a typical addiction counselor was medical records technician.

CareerCast.com publisher Tony Lee said in a Dec. 3 news release, “More insured people means an increase in the need for different types of health services, ranging from direct care to research and maintenance of medical records.”

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies has projected a 31% increase in total healthcare industry employment over the next 10 years. To what extent do you expect the addiction treatment workforce to grow over that time? I’d like to hear your thoughts.



The addiction treatment/services workforce can grow only when compensation matches the time and energy that addiction specialists put into the job. We feel at Addiction Blog that psychotherapists, certified counselors, and treatment center specialists (especially employed by big name, inpatient treatment centers) require more reimbursement than the 30-35K annual they average.

Gary Enos


Gary Enos


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