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Where are parents on underage drinking?

June 27, 2013
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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Good article. Parents permissive attitude about alcohol is definitely a pervasive issue. To make matters worse, there is an increase in the amount of kids who are growing up with parents who themselves use which further complicates the issue for treatment providers trying to help these kids. Most providers can attest to the increased difficulty with getting solid family support for kids in outpatient treatment centers. It is a catch 22 for providers because if you discharge a kid from treatment because his family wont participate in your family program then you are really punishing the kid more than the family. A lot of parents these days wait until there kid gets arrested then drop them off at the door of a treatment center and say "fix my kid". The as expected, these kids who lack family support tend to be an unmotivated, challenging group to say the least. As a result, this field needs a paradigm shift- Taking the Escalator

When children are left totally on their own we can't expect all the teens to learn responsible drinking but many of them would get irresponsible and addicts. Parents have to understand this and take the responsibility of setting bounds.
Therapist Sperryville, VA


Gary Enos


Gary Enos


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