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Someone casts vote for stigma

February 1, 2013
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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I vote for a positive stigma to all negative public behavior. Society has gotten much to accepting of bad behavior. We would all benefit from a stigma on smoking, rudeness, intrusiveness and many other behaviors. Unfortunately our overcompensation to social control, low self-esteem, and the like have caused to many to care to little about what others think of them (at least publicly). To me it seems like it has become socially unacceptable to even ask someone to use their "inside voice" in a confined area, especially without worry that such a person would become even more obnoxious and escalate an already uncomfortable situation. lol Yes a stigma on smoking behavior is desirable!


Gary Enos


Gary Enos

Gary A. Enos has been the editor of Addiction Professional since its inception. He also...

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