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Share your thoughts in our survey of work experiences

October 6, 2015
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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What types of challenges are you facing as a clinical professional in the addiction treatment field? Do you want to stay in the profession long-term? We invite you to share your thoughts by participating in our brief Addiction Professional Quality of Life Survey, results of which will form the basis of a feature article in the Fall print issue of the magazine.

The online survey, covering areas ranging from caseload to clinical supervision, takes less than five minutes to complete. Data will be presented in the aggregate, so your individual responses will remain confidential.

To show our appreciation of your time, those who complete the survey have the option to enter to win a $200 American Express Gift Card at the end of the survey (one entry per person). Those who enter the drawing may be contacted by our editors to comment further on the quality-of-life issues affecting addiction professionals. We want to hear your opinions!

Here is the link to the survey. The deadline for participating is Oct. 19.





Would gladly complete the QOL survey. Don't think that It's meant for a situation like mine, e.g. not full time, don't have a case load, will be in this field until they carry me out.
If having a survey from me would be helpful I will gladly complete it.

Gary Enos


Gary Enos

Gary A. Enos has been the editor of Addiction Professional since its inception. He also...

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