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Pennsylvania MDs issue strike against e-cigs

October 31, 2013
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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The Pennsylvania Medical Society has weighed in on the incendiary issue of the merit of e-cigarettes, and these physicians do not appear too comfortable with the increasingly popular alternative to conventional cigarettes.

Meeting this past weekend at their annual House of Delegates gathering, the Pennsylvania physicians voted to ask state legislators to adopt a law that would regulate electronic cigarettes in a fashion similar to tobacco. They emphasized that because research findings on the impacts of e-cigarettes are incomplete, regulations on the products should be strict.

“They may be odorless and give the appearance of being less harmful, but beyond that, we just don’t know the impact that the vapors have on the user and others,” said Bruce A. MacLeod, MD, an emergency medicine physician who is the Pennsylvania society’s president. “It may be best for now to err on the side of caution while researchers investigate.”

The Pennsylvania physicians believe the state should tax e-cigarettes and ban their sale to minors. In addition, they would like tobacco education programs in Pennsylvania schools to address e-cigarettes as well.

MacLeod emphasized in his comments in a news release that “many of the marketing materials appear to be geared to younger individuals.”


Gary Enos


Gary Enos

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