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Pennsylvania center strikes blow against maintenance drug

March 3, 2016
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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A press release sent out this week by Pennsylvania-based Clearbrook Treatment Centers opens with the provocative “Why is it that the vast majority of articles regarding alcohol and chemical dependency rehabilitation treatment all seem to have an anti-12 Step premise?” The release warns of a proliferation of quick-fix promises in the treatment community and adds, “Why is our industry allowing those with the least amount of experience to frame the issues about treatment modality?”

There are some oddities about the release as well:

  • There is a link in that opening sentence that one would think might connect the reader to examples of biased articles. Instead, it links to Clearbrook's homepage.

  • The headline of the release is “Suboxone Maintenance Challenged by Clearbook Treatment Center's President.” But the text never identifies the president by name, doesn't go on to mention Suboxone/buprenorphine specifically, and also makes no reference to the longstanding maintenance drug methadone.

Still, there is no mistaking the position Clearbrook is trying to convey about how medication-assisted treatment sometimes gets portrayed. “There is no coming into treatment and getting cured from the disease of addiction,” the release states. “There is no pill or remedy that will magically make one better. Those looking for a quick fix to addiction and the treatment modality being used by the vast majority of treatment providers today, will be disappointed with the direction our field is taking when this newest solution doesn't live up to its claims.”

You can read the full release, and share your thoughts with us on Clearbook's point of view.



In reading this blog/statement was struck by the lack of specificity and the use of generalities. One statement the author did make that I found was interesting was: "After nineteen years in the field I have watched thousands of people turn their lives around and experience sobriety. Was it easy? No. Does it take a daily commitment to continue that sobriety? Yes. Does it work for everyone? No."

The author of this statement acknowledges that whatever approach he is touting (again a lack of specifics) doesn't work for everyone. He doesn't say what we should do about those for whom his vague approach doesn't work. Do we write them off? Have them keep repeating a treatment that doesn't work for them. If the author has an approach that works for some and that attracts some, that is wonderful. Let him provide it to those for whom it has been proven effective. Don't withhold alternatives for those for whom is approach has proven ineffective.

Again, I would also not that there are no specifics here. What approach is the author touting. Where are the research cites to document that this approach is effective? Is the approach this author offering available in it's purest form for free elsewhere? If so, why should someone charge for offering this approach and why should someone else pay for it when if is it available for free?

Jerry Costley, LCSW

Yes, there are so many articles written that raise the problem of drug abuse and rehabilitation treatment at writing service that already helped a lot of people. I find such articles really helpful as it has been proved by statistics that reading such articles made people quit taking drugs.

I am not a fan of maintenance drugs either. They're just making people addicted to another drug. Good thing there are holistic options available. Thanks for sharing about Clearbrook Gary! Will check more on them.

All the best,
Loraine Ortiz from

That's right! There is no pill or medication rightfully prescribed for addiction. And to top it all, there are many kinds of addiction. We can suggest the participation of a target to engage into extra activities that might interest them and to divert their attention to.


Addiction is one of most important problem in modern world. That is why treatment modality is so important for our society. You should know how to That help you to improve you site.

Non 12 step rehab is a scientific treatment approach. It is not standard for everyone. It is a personalized approach that provide the treatment as per the requirement of each individual.
Medication assisted treatment can have its drawback like dependency on the medication.

Gary Enos


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