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Not Home for the Holidays

December 12, 2011
by Gary Enos, Editor
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A couple of weeks ago our e-newsletter featured comments on why it is important not to see the holidays as an excuse for skirting or postponing treatment. Thomas Brady, MSW, the supervisor of intake services for Hazelden’s Florida operation, was kind enough to reply by sending me an essay called “The Holiday Myth,” which Hazelden traditionally circulates during this time of year.

Brady says the words in the essay are of unknown origin, but they carry an important message. The essay lists several often-heard reasons for a prospective client not entering treatment during the holidays, from “How would our children feel?” to “What would our neighbors think?”

“We need to create the sense of urgency and willingness and not let people off the hook during the holidays,” the document states. “The truth is that treatment during the holidays may be the best time of the year for everyone to get healthy. The halls of a home with an active addiction are not filled with joy and happiness—they are decked with dysfunction, stress, fear and shame.”


Gary Enos


Gary Enos

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