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Film Event Benefiting Addicted Writers to Open

October 13, 2011
by Gary Enos, Editor
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For the third year, the group Writers in Treatment is holding a film festival in Los Angeles as part of its mission to finance substance use treatment services for writers of all types. The REEL Recovery Film Festival takes place this weekend, Oct. 14-16, at the Beverly Garland Hotel Theater in North Hollywood.

Past years’ events have often attracted treatment center clients and have served as the backdrop for group meetings as well. The festival features appearances by film writers and directors who discuss the shown works, all of which have addiction and recovery themes.

This year’s films include “Death of an Addict: The Tio Hardiman Story” (2010), a look at how a film director tried to break the intergenerational cycle of drug addiction in his local area, and “Oxy-Morons” (2010), focusing on the effects of OxyContin addiction in a Boston community. There will be a closing-night screening of “On the Bowery,” the 1956 classic depiction of alcoholism on Skid Row in New York City.

Writers in Treatment offers scholarships to individuals with and without health insurance. To be eligible for assistance, an individual must derive at least one-quarter of total income from writing of any kind, and must agree to participate in a relapse prevention program along with primary treatment.

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