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A CEO takes off the gloves

March 27, 2015
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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But how do you really feel at Adaptive Center?

In an age where most press releases whirl through a spin cycle of review before they ever meet a reporter's eye, a March 24 statement from the 15-patient addiction treatment facility in Miami looks surprisingly unvarnished. In commenting on the center's earning of Joint Commission accreditation, Adaptive Center founder Juan Lesende wrote, “Almost any other treatment center in the field has more capital and a lot more beds than us. This provides them the opportunity to invest fortunes in advertising, and buy control of Internet searches, to attract people into centers that deliver mediocre treatment. All we have to fight against this hijacking of information is excellence in treatment.”

So Lesende characterizes his facility's accreditation this way: “We see this recognition of excellence as a reward and a weapon. We want people looking for treatment to have a clear sign that can guide them to good treatment, and away from the scam artists that have populated our field.”

No layers of PR staff to wade through for clarification here—Lesende serves as his own spokesman for this statement.



I wrote an article with a similar viewpoint about most treatment centers in South Florida. It has turned into a battle of good vs. Evil.
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Why can't we just keep the best interests of end-users in mind. Yes, let's all fight this kind of corruption. Individuals AND society benefit. How can we find a way to overcome the profit-incentive?

Gary Enos


Gary Enos


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