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Addiction Organization Merges With Weight-Loss Operation

July 9, 2011
by Gary Enos, Editor
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Hours after most offices closed for the week, word came down that a prominent leader in the treatment of dual disorders was joining a company that has become a leading provider of addiction treatment services in Southern California.

Michael Cartwright is becoming board chairman of Forterus, Inc., which on Friday night announced the signing of a merger agreement with Cartwright’s Performance Revolution, LLC, a provider of medically supervised weight loss treatment under the name Fit-Rx. Cartwright is the former CEO of the nationally known Foundations Recovery Network in Tennessee.

Temecula, Calif.-based Forterus in the past several years has undertaken a growth strategy in the substance use treatment arena, and is best known for offering residential treatment services in its A Better Tomorrow operation.

In a Friday evening statement, Forterus CEO Jerrod Menz said, “Our merger with Performance Revolution, LLC, will enable us to provide health care services to the 129 million overweight and obese Americans. The merger also provides us with a clinical presence in Middle Tennessee.”

The merger became official July 1, with Forterus as the surviving entity under the arrangement.


Gary Enos


Gary Enos

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