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YOU CAN HELP Write the Parity Regs

May 15, 2009
by Daniel Guarnera
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Your experience and expertise is needed to help draft parity regulations!

The three federal agencies responsible for drafting regulations implementing the
Wellstone-Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act have issued a "Request for Information." The RFI asks a series of questions about how insurance coverage for addiction treatment works (or fails to work). This represents an important opportunity to provide accurate information about how alcohol and drug treatment work in the real world! The more the regulation writers know, the better suited they'll be to draft strong, impactful regulations.

Anyone is able to respond to the RFI directly--
click here to see an explanation of the questions and the process respond.

Alternatively, NAADAC and NAATP are also circulating a
simplified survey based on the RFI questions. We will use those responses to reply to the RFI (and of course we will cite those who contributed information as much as possible--also, it's open to anyone who wants to participate). The goal is to make the process a little simpler and thereby encourage more agencies, programs, counselors, people in recovery, etc. to reply.

You can
download the questionnaire here. It can be faxed to 800.377.1136 or e-mailed to me at

The deadline to respond to the NAADAC-NAATP questionnaire is Friday, May 22. If you have questions about the parity bill, RFI, or regulations, please leave a question or comment below.

The deadline to reply directly to the Departments is May 28 (be sure to follow the submission criteria carefully!).

There will be at least one more opportunity to submit comments on parity, but the RFI is a great chance to make sure that the regulations are strong from the first draft. Please consider responding to the survey today!


Daniel Guarnera

Daniel Guarnera is the Director of Government Relations for NAADAC, The Association for...

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