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From San Antonio to Great Falls

August 8, 2009
by Daniel Guarnera
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I was privileged to have the chance to speak about health care reform last weekend to addiction professionals at the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP) annual conference in San Antonio (a pared down copy of my presentation can be found here). It was a wonderful conference and very energizing to spend time with professionals from all across the huge state of Texas who were so dedicated to advocacy. TAAP has long history of organized and effective advocacy on behalf of Texas addiction professionals, and it was wonderful to hear more about what they've been working on recently.

San Antonio, Texas. Photo from

Flickr by Corey Leopold, used with a Creative Commons license.

The conference also gave me the chance to catch up with

Eric Newhouse, who was giving a training about PTSD in vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Eric, who's a journalist for the Great Falls Tribune in Montana, has a recently released


on the issue, and it was clear from the eager questions and comments from the people in his training that this is an issue near and dear to a lot of hearts in Texas.

The long plane ride back to D.C. from San Antonio--plus an hourlong Amtrak delay--gave me the chance to read through much of one of Eric's earlier books,

Alcohol: Cradle to Grave. The book is a lightly edited and expanded version of a yearlong series of articles Eric wrote for the Great Falls Tribune that won the 2000 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Journalism. The original series of articles is available online

here, and each month the articles examine a different aspect of Great Falls society touched by alcohol (for example, one month focuses on Native American reservations, another on drunk driving, a third on fetal alcohol syndrome, etc.).

The Missouri River outside Great Falls, Mont.

Photo from

Flickr by ThreadedThoughts, used with a Creative Commons license.



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