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House and Senate Both Scheduled to Vote on Parity Today

September 23, 2008
by Daniel Guarnera
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The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote for the House-Senate compromise parity bill this afternoon--the new bill number is HR 6983. The bill includes offsets, which had been a major stumbling block up to this point.

The Senate is also scheduled to vote this afternoon on a large "tax extenders" package that includes the parity bill. The bill the Senate is voting on is S.6049. The package is not fully offset, which may delay or prevent its adoption in the House (which has a self-imposed pay-as-you-go policy, meaning that all new spending must be accompanied by either new revenue or cuts to other parts of the budget).

Both bills can be read by searching the website

To call both your House and Senate offices and tell them to vote YES, the toll-free number is 1-866-PARITY4.

I'll be updating throughout the day as we learn more.


Daniel Guarnera

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