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First-Ever Wellness Rooms at Democratic Convention

August 26, 2008
by Daniel Guarnera
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As a follow-up to Gary's "A Break From Convention This Week" post from yesterday, I want underscore the fact that the Democratic National Convention in Denver has the first-ever "Wellness Room" at a national party convention. The idea was based on the "Safe Harbor Rooms"--sponsored by the organization MusiCares--that offer 12-step meetings during the Grammy Award festivities. The Whole Health Campaign--a coalition of 70 addiction and mental health organizations focused on the 2008 election--overcame long odds to get the room approved (thanks in large part to the aid of Rep. Patrick Kennedy). It's exciting that treatment and recovery advocates will have their first organized presence at a convention (a "Recovery Caucus" meeting was held yesterday morning to call attention to the platform's addiction-focused provisions), but it's even more significant that the 35,000+ convention-goers will have access to peer support and a substance-free environment throughout the week.

A blog from volunteers at the Wellness Room in Denver is being held here:



Are the Repubs going to have it too?

Daniel Guarnera

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