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Men's Issues in Treatment

April 9, 2010
by Dan Griffin
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The next series of blog entries is going to focus on some of the more critical issues for men in treatment - one issue at a time. Some of these issues are a common part of a man's experience in treatment - anger, control, ego deflation; some of them have been ignored or addressed in a perfunctory way at best by many treatment modalities - sexuality, intimacy, homophobia, communication, and conflict resolution. However, I do not pretend to know about all - or even most - treatment programs out there.

I would appreciate hearing from readers of this blog what issues you think are most critical for men and, for those that I have expounded on, your experience in dealing with them. I invite clinical directors and directors of programs that are men-specific to be guests on this blog and share what your programs are doing to address men's specific needs.

The purpose of this blog is to help to generate a national conversation about improving men's treatment by looking extensively and comprehensively at men's unique issues and needs. Because remember: we cannot just change the way men think...we have to change the way we think about men.



Dan Griffin

Dan Griffin

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