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NAADAC PAC to Hold Month-Long Fundraising Drive, Sept. 1-30, 2011

September 28, 2011
by Chris Campbell
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From September 1 - 30, 2011, NAADAC PAC is hosting its Third Annual PAC Drive. NAADAC Political Action Committee (PAC) was founded over two decades ago and is the oldest, most established PAC to focus exclusively on addiction policy issues. PAC donations are a unique advocacy tool that helps make the voice of addiction professional heard on Capitol Hill. The PAC supports members of Congress who champion addiction services and addiction professionals. However, NAADAC PAC is only as effective as the support it receives from members.

In the past, NAADAC PAC has supported Members of Congress who have helped advance bills on issues like expanding treatment access to all Americans, ending insurance discrimination against addiction treatment, and increasing funding for public treatment systems. NAADAC PAC also enables us to educate and build relationships with Senators and Representatives.

PACs are legal entities that can be established by groups like trade associations, corporations and labor unions, none of which is allowed to make political contributions directly from their general funds (it would violate campaign finance laws.) Instead, a PAC relies on contributions from its organization’s membership or employees.

Although NAADAC PAC cannot donate at the same level as the nation’s largest PACs, it gives addiction professionals (and, by extension, the addiction treatment community) a presence in Washington that they could not otherwise have. While there are many tools that treatment and recovery advocates can (and must) use to effect change—e-mails from grassroots activists, media attention, Recovery Month events, etc.—our PAC creates unique opportunities for NAADAC. It enables our advocacy staff to spend time one-on-one with legislators and their staffs at fundraising events, talking about issues like insurance parity and protecting public funding for treatment. It helps NAADAC develop relationships with members of Congress and their aides, as well as ensuring that members of Congress who support our policies are re-elected. The PAC is irreplaceable and complements all other advocacy work.

Prizes for PAC Donors

There’s no better time to support the PAC than during the PAC Drive September 1 – 30, 2011!

  • Every NAADAC member who donates $50 or more will be entered to win a free conference registration and airfare to the 2012 National Conference on Addiction Disorders, in Orlando, Florida.
  • The NAADAC state affiliate that donates the most (on average per member) will receive a free NAADAC training in 2012.

· Each donor from the winning state affiliate will be entered to win one of 10 free NAADAC briefcases.

Donations can be made online at (Please note that all PAC donations are optional and do not affect your membership in NAADAC. Donations are not tax deductible.)

For more information on NAADAC’s advocacy efforts, including NAADAC PAC, please visit, or contact Chris Campbell, Director of Government Relations, at, or 800.548.0497.



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