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Self-Esteem and Recovery

December 23, 2010
by Carol Ackley
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Thanks so much for the two responses to our initial blog. It's wonderful to have students participating in our blog!

Understanding co-occurring disorders is so important in treating addiction, especially working with women. We also need to become trauma informed, as this often gets misdiagnosed and mis-medicated.

What a wonderful idea to have pictures for the women to keep of themselves from their recovery programs! When they look back on these pictures throughout the course of their lives they will remember everything they learned and experienced in treatment and hopefully it will continue to motivate them in their sobriety. I also think that it's wonderful that these womens' children are participating in the recovery process. Unfortunately, family members and children who certainly experienced the pain of addiction in their loved ones don't often get to experience the recovery process in action.

It is a honor to introduce our first guest blogger for January 2011, Francine Ward.

Noted author, life coach and attorney, Ms. Ward has been featured in notable publications including The Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, and Woman's Own magazine. The author of Esteemable Acts: 10 Actions for Building Real Self-Esteem and 52 Weeks of Esteemable Acts: A Guide to Right Living, Francine Ward offers us a unique blend of understanding, competencies and experience regarding relationships and self-esteem. Her inspirational story of personal transformation speaks to the power of positive self esteem and the role we, as counselors and mentors, can play in encouraging and supporting the true recovery work of repairing and building our relationships with ourselves. For more information on Francine, visit her website

Please look forward to our correspondence with Francine in January of 2011.

Have safe, sober, and meaningful Holiday Celebrations!!


Carol Ackley, LADC

River Ridge Treatment Center


Carol Ackley

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