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Roland Reeves MD Commentary

New rules are causing more pain

May 21, 2018  |  Roland Reeves, MD
Providers and patients have not been sufficiently prepared to deal with a changing mindset about the use of prescription pain medication.

Today's treatments oversimplify the disease of addiction

January 16, 2018  |  Roland Reeves, MD
The progression of addiction and other diseases is relentless unless treatment takes a comprehensive and long-range approach.

The disease/non-disease debate obscures the reality

August 22, 2016  |  Roland Reeves, MD
As with most issues, Roland Reeves argues, both sides of the disease debate around addiction have valid contributions.

We keep repeating episodic care, and we keep failing

February 12, 2016  |  Roland Reeves, MD
A chronic-care model for impaired professionals has been successful tested, but the addiction treatment field is not applying it more widely.

A lesson in brain science for the family

November 2, 2015  |  Roland Reeves, MD
Exasperated family members and patients deserve accurate answers when they ask, "Why can't they just stop?"

Can conventional treatment handle Flakka?

September 14, 2015  |  Roland Reeves, MD
Reports of bizarre behavior by users of the synthetic drug Flakka present a difficult but not insurmountable challenge for treatment professionals.

No Short Cuts or Quick Fixes: Recovery Takes Time

August 13, 2015  |  Roland Reeves, MD
Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Takes Time. And although it may be tempting for many to shortcut their way through rehab, don’t underestimate the hard work involved in successful recovery. Even if someone breezed your way through college or scrambled up the corporate ladder without a hitch, there is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Inpatient or Outpatient Addiction Treatment: Which Makes the Most Sense?

July 23, 2015  |  Roland Reeves, MD
Alcohol and drug addiction is a highly complex disease, but the good news is that even people who have struggled with substance abuse and addiction for many years can recover and live healthy, productive lives. Although any attempt at treatment is a step in the right direction, the best solution is treatment that works the first time. Unfortunately, treatment is not a one-size-fits-all situation and there is no single solution that works for everybody. While outpatient treatment works for many people, others require intensive residential treatment for long-term recovery.

Why are treatment decisions being made by insurance companies rather than doctors?

July 7, 2015  |  Roland Reeves, MD
There has been a trend over the past few years for even general medical disorders to be treated based on decision not made by medical professionals. Insurance companies determine what kind of treatments they “allow” and what medicines they “allow”, even what surgeries they “allow”. Their decisions are reviewed by hired guns (physicians) paid to support their policies.

Managing Withdrawal Symptoms with Meds

June 9, 2015  |  Roland Reeves, MD
Entering alcohol or drug rehab is a monumental, life-changing decision and the first step to a healthier, more satisfying life. However, detox must take place before the hard work of recovery can begin, and it’s no secret that detox is tough.


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