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NALGAP Commentary

Five strategies for LGBTQ+ individuals to avoid 'out-of-control' behaviors

April 20, 2018  |  Mark McMillan, LMSW, CAADC
Building a sound support system and developing unique coping skills are among the steps LGBTQ clients can take to help avoid problematic substance use.

Do your politics impact your clinical effectiveness?

August 10, 2016  |  Jamie Marich, Ph.D., LPCC-S, LICDC-CS, REAT, RMT
A NALGAP President's Award recipient discusses the importance of ethical self-inquiry in clinical work.

My personal thoughts on the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando

June 13, 2016  |  Phil McCabe, CSW, CAS
NALGAP president Phil McCabe says this weekend's tragedy should remind us to hold accountable anyone who espouses hate.

Gay men, meth, and sex: what addiction professionals need to know

March 21, 2016  |  David Fawcett, PhD, LCSW
Addiction expert, author and therapist David Fawcett addresses the meth epidemic in gay male communities and discusses implications for effective and affirmative treatment.

What Does Addiction Have to do with Conversion Therapy?

June 23, 2015  |  Buster Ross
Guest blogger Buster Ross shares his experience as an advocate to end reparative therapy for lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals.

Treating Trans

March 2, 2015  |  Beck Gee, MA, LADC
A NALGAP board member presents compelling considerations for working with Transgender individuals in addiction/recovery treatment.

Basics Revisited: Providing Affirmative Treatment for LGBT Clients

July 12, 2014  |  Craig Sloane, LCSW, CASAC, CSAT Candidate
A NALGAP Board Member discusses the significance of Affirmative Treatment

Coming-out Issues for LGBTs: Connections to Substance Use and Treatment

April 7, 2014  |  NALGAP
Dr. Raven James, author of “Sexuality and Addiction: Making Connections, Enhancing Recovery,” discusses the importance of the coming-out process for LGBTs

The Role of Behavioral Health Providers in HIV Prevention

January 1, 2014  |  Michael Shelton
Successful HIV prevention programs target substance use, sexual arousal, environmental factors, partner characteristics, and each client's preexisting competencies.

LGBT Domestic Violence: A Treatment Issue We Too Often Avoid

September 22, 2013  | 
Intimate partner violence occurs in LGBT relationships at about the same rate as heterosexual relationships, yet clinicians don't often ask about its occurrence. Even worse, resources are almost non-existent.




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