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Lynn Sucher Commentary

Complex Issues Require Complex Treatment

November 11, 2009  | 
I was recently giving a talk about identifying eating disorders in chemically dependent clients and received feedback from members of the audience

The Disease Model

October 10, 2009  | 
I’ve been reading the recent articles on the new cocaine vaccine and was stuck by a comment by Dr. Nora Volkow. Dr. Volkow, the director of the

Not Just CEU's, but an Adventure

August 22, 2009  | 
My passion is helping those who suffer from eating disorders. I am a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and have spent years learning as much as I

Meaning-Centered Therapy

July 19, 2009  | 
Meaning-Centered Therapy Last week there was an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal about an experimental group therapy study for

Fame, Fortune and Addiction

July 11, 2009  | 
As a clinician, I’ve been watching the endless coverage of Michael Jackson’s death from a different viewpoint. I’ve trained in sexual addiction

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