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Heidi Voet Smith Commentary

Egos and Fig Newtons: Working with a Young Adult Male Population

April 7, 2015  |  Heidi Voet Smith
I find myself coming full circle in my career and am working with young adult men in early recovery. This has been a fascinating lesson for me in the dynamics of working with an all-male population.

Confessions of an Addiction Counselor: The Top 4 Mistakes I’ve Made in My Career

October 30, 2014  |  Heidi Voet Smith
"Principles over popularity" is a good rule of thumb for any addiction counselor.

“Co-Dependent, Once Removed”

September 2, 2014  |  Heidi Voet Smith
Addiction harms all members of a family, even those who claim to understand the insanity of trying to rescue the addict.

We confront an uncomfortable reality with Robin Williams' death

August 12, 2014  |  Heidi Voet Smith, LPC
The death of Robin Williams, whose portrayal of a therapist serves as a powerful model, reminds professionals of how tenuous the promise of recovery from behavioral illness can be.

Travis Meadows: In tune with recovery

July 30, 2014  |  Heidi Voet Smith & Jay Staples
Musician Travis Meadows' story serves as a reminder that every client can benefit from one recovery tool to which he/she can personally relate.

Honestly, I don't care how you feel

July 24, 2014  |  Heidi Voet Smith
Traditional talk therapy just isn't enough when working with an addict and his/her family.

The longer I work with addicts, the less I know

June 26, 2014  |  Heidi Voet Smith
After working with chronic drug addicts and alcoholics for the last 13 years, I have learned a few things. Mostly, I’ve learned that I don’t know much.

Obama Cares or Obama Scares?

January 21, 2013  |  Heidi Voet Smith
A look into some of the main parts of Obama’s gun policy as it relates to mental health and Obamacare. Questions examined about what this means to mental health and those who work in the field.

Are we just modern-day snake’s oil salesmen?

October 17, 2012  |  Heidi Voet Smith
An ABC News article brings up once again a well-documented discussion as to deciding if addiction is merely a choice or a disease. Whatever your belief is, there are several individuals, with loads and loads of evidence proving their assertion is correct. Yet while discussions continue, lives are being lost to addiction. The parents of a drug addicted child doesn’t want to hear your belief, they just want to know what they need to do to get their child back.

Managing over-alignment with staff

May 29, 2012  |  Heidi Voet Smith
I am coming to realize more and more the importance of managing over-alignment of staff with clients. There are many other terms for this issue, including counter-transference, losing objectivity, co-dependency and favoritism. Let me be clear – I am not coming from a place of judgment, because I too have over-aligned with clients more times than I wish to admit.

Heidi Voet Smith

Clinical Director Chapter House Counseling Center

Heidi Voet Smith



 Heidi Voet Smith, (LPC-S, MA), is the Clinical Director and Co-Founder at Chapter House Sober...

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