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DSM-5 Draft Proposes Major Changes

April 16, 2010  | 
The trusty Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th Edition, Text Revision)--better known as the DSM-IV-TR--is undergoing its first

Health Reform Signed into Law

March 24, 2010  | 
Yesterday morning, President Obama signed the long-discussed health reform bill into law. It was a historic moment for the White House and Democrats

Census Raises Privacy Concerns

March 2, 2010  | 
Stand up and be counted! In accordance with Article I, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, the government has to conduct a census every ten

Parity Regulations Out, but So Is Parity's Champion

February 12, 2010  | 
The snopocalypse/snowmaggedon/snoverkill that froze (so to speak) the federal government for the past week came sandwiched between two hugely

State of Health Reform Still Uncertain after State of the Union

January 28, 2010  | 
President Obama gave his first official State of the Union speech last night, in which he laid out his priorities for the next three years of his

Developing a Global Perspective on Treatment

January 14, 2010  | 
There are few areas of our lives that aren't affected by globalization. Free trade zones, human rights law,

NY State of Mind: McLellan, Army Therapy, Stimulus

December 8, 2009  | 
There were three recent reports out of New York that caught my eye: (1) The NY Times ran a profile today of Tom McLellan, former head of the

Health Reform Vote Coming Saturday?

November 5, 2009  | 
Health reform is set to take a major step towards passage this Saturday (if they're working on Saturday, something big must be happening!). A quick

Military to Review Tx Services

October 15, 2009  | 
Last week, the Congress approved the $693 billion 2010 National Defense Authorization Act. The NDAA sets spending levels for all the programs in the

Survey Finds Public Support for Treatment in Health Reform

October 8, 2009  | 
Scottish poet Robert Burns's most quoted line reads, O would some Power the gift to give us To see ourselves as others see us! Advocates on all


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