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The Numbers: Attitudes toward addiction

November 8, 2017
by Tom Valentino
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A study recently released by Caron Treatment Centers shows how public knowledge gaps around drug and alcohol addiction are perpetuating stigma and creating challenges for those trying to facilitate recovery. The study, released in September, was conducted over a three-day period in April by Harris Poll among 2,184 adults, 692 of which are parents of children between the ages of 6 and 25.

66% believe addiction can be “cured.” The American Medical Association, meanwhile, recognizes addiction as a chronic disease that can be successfully managed.

18% believe recovery is hopeless if a relapse occurs after treatment.

55% believe a person with addiction would not be able to perform well at work.

50% of parents say they would be very or somewhat uncomfortable around a son or daughter’s fiancé if the fiancé was two or more years into recovery and sober; 43% of parents hold such views toward a child’s teacher and 47% of total adults surveyed responded as such regarding a primary care physician.