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These honorees make a difference

January 1, 2010
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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Our second group of winners in Addiction Professional's annual Outstanding Clinicians Awards, profiled in this issue, all have taken bold initiatives in areas often underserved or underappreciated by others. Their steadfast refusal to accept things the way they are offers great motivation for anyone who thinks big in this profession.

This year's honoree in the counseling category, Stephanie Steinman of UW Health-Gateway Recovery Clinic in Madison, Wis., has encountered parents asking her simply to “fix” their troubled adolescent, and instead has established mutual trust as well as family engagement in the youth's well-being.

This year's winner in the clinical management category, Joanne Goer of NewBridge Services, Inc. in Montville, N.J., transformed the culture of a traditional mental health services agency at a time when what she calls “serial” treatment of mental health and addictions in the individual client was considered accepted practice.

And physician honoree Joseph Troncale, MD, who until the start of the new year was senior physician and former medical director at Caron Treatment Centers, introduced his colleagues to the importance of integrating medication treatments in a period when field leaders were just learning the names of promising new drug treatments.

We are pleased to be honoring Steinman, Goer and Troncale as our “sophomore class” of outstanding clinicians. We will pay tribute to the 2010 winners on Feb. 22 at a luncheon taking place at the SECAD 2010 conference in Nashville, an event produced by the publishers of Addiction Professional.

Since our winners would rather talk about the needs of clients than their own accomplishments, I'd like to share here a few comments from other professionals who know them best:

  • Michael Waupoose, program director at Gateway Recovery, says of Steinman, “She firmly believes in the importance of family engagement and works diligently to have families play critical roles in their child's treatment and recovery. Families trust her.”

  • Robert Parker, NewBridge Services' executive director, says about Goer, “Joanne-who will celebrate her 25th anniversary at NewBridge in 2010-continues to see clients because she loves the one-on-one contact, the satisfaction of shepherding a person to wellness.”

  • Doug Tieman, president and CEO of Caron, says of his former colleague Troncale, “He really helped move us forward with every aspect of co-occurring disorders. He brought about the introduction of psychiatry here.”

This year we evaluated around 50 nominations from readers for the three award categories, in what is always an uplifting exercise. Still, we'd like to hear of many more examples of innovation and overcoming odds, so be sure to consider nominating a colleague when our request for nominations for the 2011 Outstanding Clinicians appears on our Web site ( again this fall.

We hope these stories will spur organizations to take the time to nurture and reward their innovators, and for addiction professionals never to set limits on what they can achieve.

Gary A. Enos, Editor Addiction Professional 2010 January-February;8(1):6