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Products/Services Gallery — Sept/Oct '09

October 8, 2009
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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Among the items featured are a nutritional guide for recovery and aviaries for treatment centers

Published by a practice group of the American Dietetic Association, Nutrition & Addictions: A Guide for Professionals discusses effects of specific substances on nutritional health and outlines individuals’ nutritional needs during withdrawal and recovery. This book from the group Behavioral Health Nutrition is written by Anne S. Hatcher, EdD, professor of addiction studies at Metropolitan State College of Denver and a member of Addiction Professional’s editorial advisory board.

The 224-page text includes a number of patient education handouts, covering topics such as nutritional supplements in recovery, stress eating, the process of stocking a kitchen, and physical activity in recovery. The book costs a total of $27.95 for non-members of Behavioral Health Nutrition. For more information, e-mail Paula Kerr at

Scenic Version of Pet Therapy

A company that has provided handcrafted aviaries for nearly 15 years has begun marketing its bird homes to addiction treatment organizations. The aviaries furnished by Rolla, Missouri-based Lifecycle Systems already have proven popular in nursing homes and other settings. Floor and tabletop models could be placed in a common area of a treatment facility, offering clients as a group a comforting activity as well as the companionship of pets.

The birds that are housed in each solid wood aviary are accustomed to the aviary environment and thus will be well-adjusted to the setting, according to the company. The aviary package includes lighting, interior vegetation and a care kit. Lifecycle Systems also offers continuing maintenance and bird care services. For more information, visit
Essays of Hope
The Glories of Sobriety is a collection of 24 inspiring essays written by individuals in long-term recovery, a book designed to highlight the possibility and desirability of a sober life. Edited by Faith Strong, a founding board member of the Costa Mesa, California-based treatment facility New Directions for Women, the book is designed to reinforce the desire for sobriety in the addict.

Proceeds from the sale of The Glories of Sobriety support the costs of maintaining the facilities at New Directions for Women. The retail price of the book is $13.95. For more information, visit
Protective Clothing for Health Workers
The company ASEO, based in the United Kingdom, has marketed to front-line health care workers a line of protective clothing that is commonly offered to law enforcement officials. The company’s knife- and bite-resistant garments are lined with a material that it says is stronger pound for pound than steel or Kevlar. The company states that the garments offer wearers protection without sacrificing comfort and breathability.

The garments also are designed with a layer that offers heat and moisture management. For more information, visit