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March 1, 2010
by root
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Insurance/Risk Management Services

American Professional Agency

American Professional Agency offers a comprehensive product line that focuses on professional liability insurance with special emphasis on the mental health field. It covers professionals in psychiatry and psychology, pastoral and school counseling, and marriage and family therapy. APA offers plans for social workers, students and faculty, and more. Since 1940, APA has become one of the largest writers of mental health professional liability insurance, with more than 100,000 policyholders. Please call 800-421-6694 or visit

Irwin Siegel Agency, Inc.

Irwin Siegel Agency, Inc. is a provider of insurance programs for addiction treatment facilities. Insurance packages address your specific liability needs and include an extensive library of risk management resources to support your mission, enhance training, promote safety, and ensure the longevity of your program for years to come. Explore the various insurance options available to your program by calling ISA today at 800-622-8272 or visiting

Professional Risk Management Services, Inc.

Endorsed by the APA, The Psychiatrists' Program specializes in medical malpractice insurance programs and services, specifically designed for psychiatrists and behavioral healthcare professionals. Their individual and group coverage includes forensic psychiatric services and administrative and governmental defense benefits. Discounts are available for child/adolescent, early career, groups, part-time, and moonlighting residents. Program participants have access to and receive quality risk management consultation and top-notch legal representation.

Unemployment Services Trust

The Unemployment Services Trust (UST) works to help nonprofits reduce unemployment costs by offering a safe, cost-effective alternative to payment into the state unemployment system. The average nonprofit that opts out of its state UI system will see a savings of 30 to 60 percent. With many states imposing triple-digit UI rate increases to employers, nonprofits need to take advantage of the federal “opt out” option granted to them in the 1970s. Learn more at

Clinical Decision Support

AccuCare Web-based Clinical Management System

The AccuCare Web-based Clinical Man-agement System was designed specifically for the addictions field to support evidence-based treatment. From intake/assessment to discharge/outcomes, AccuCare can provide solutions to the clinical, financial, technological, and administrative elements of any organization, freeing clinicians to focus on building relationships with their clients. To view a free demo, please visit or call 800-324-7966.

Celerity LLC

Celerity's electronic medical record, CAM, guides clinicians in making appropriate clinical decisions through integrated psychosocial information gathering and proper level of care tools. CAM focuses not only on problems but on abilities, strengths, and client preferences leading to a person-centered approach to treatment, further aiding in proper clinical decision making. Clinical decision support as well as significant time saving, compliance, and custom features continue to make CAM an attractive choice for treatment providers.

Electronic Behavioral Health Record

Electronic Behavioral Health Record (EBHR) is an integrated electronic health record system created to aid organizations that treat both chemical dependency and mental health disorders. The system helps practitioners concentrate on providing quality patient care through the streamlining and consolidation of patient records in real time. The program supports every aspect of service delivery, is cost-effective, completely customizable, user-friendly, easily updated, and ultimately licensing is owned by the purchaser. It is also hospital tested.

KIT Solutions, LLC

KIT Solutions provides real-time, data-driven decision support service with Knowledge-based Information Technology to health and human service agencies. KIT delivers Software as a Service, enabling clients to effectively manage social service programs by helping them better measure impact and performance outcomes, improve decision making, implement best practices, and track funding and satisfy grant reporting. KIT has more than 70 employees and its clients include several federal agencies and state and local agencies in 17 states.