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More ways to make your voice heard

May 1, 2008
by Gary A. Enos, Editor
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Probably my favorite aspect of editing this magazine involves the opportunity to communicate with readers who have a thirst for relevant information and who like to express their opinions about what's going on in the field. People at the forefront of clinical care have a keen sense of both the promise of recovery and the disappointment when that goal eludes them, and so we greatly value their perspectives and we always do our work with their needs in mind.

In order to continue to broaden our dialogue on issues of importance to addiction professionals, I want to make sure you are aware of some new vehicles available for sharing your perspectives. As the Internet continues to have a profound influence on media communication, we are using our own Web site,, to expand opportunities to build a community of learning, dialogue, and fellowship.

We have begun a blog section on the Web site, in which I am offering comments on field developments and sharing information of interest. Please take a minute on occasion to comment on my postings, and refer to the Web site for additional blogs from field professionals who have also written for the magazine.

Our Web site also features a poll question in which you can cast your vote on important clinical, management, and policy issues. Recent polls have addressed topics such as the effectiveness of buprenorphine treatment and the appropriateness of proposals to decriminalize some marijuana possession offenses. When you respond to a poll question on the site, be sure to include a written comment to offer additional thoughts. These types of responses give me a clearer picture of your priorities and the kinds of issues that we should cover more in the magazine.

Of course, our Letters section here on these pages continues to offer an important way to ensure that the discussion of the subjects we write about doesn't end with the publication of a single article. We appreciate the volume of letters we receive, and we'll continue to make this section a priority and to be in touch with any writer whose letter we are able to publish.

Most importantly, I wanted to share with you my new e-mail address: Please use this address to send letters, press releases, story ideas, or just to share your thoughts about an article you read or a challenge you're facing in your work. In addition, I'm always reachable by telephone at (401) 353-1316—we still like old-fashioned phone communication around here!

The bottom line is that the more interactive we can be in this publishing venture, the greater chance we have of bringing the latest insights about treatment and recovery to all the dedicated professionals who are out to better clients' lives. You don't have to spend hours crafting something. Whether your message is for the broader readership or you just want to speak with me, a few minutes is all it takes.

Gary A. Enos, Editor