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Furniture/Furnishings; Men's Treatment Centers

November 1, 2010
by root
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Hanley Center

Hanley Center's Benchmark Program for Men, designed for the 18-to-45 year old male, combines cutting-edge addiction treatment and a 12-Step philosophy. Additionally, a gender-specific staff offers evidence-based methods for men to cope and understand issues surrounding the disease of addiction. All patients will have SPECT scan photos taken to show how addictive substances have affected their brains, giving the medical staff the ability to enhance patient treatment plans. Visit

Mayflower Center

Mayflower Center is a small, individualized, long-term treatment program for adult males with a specialty in relapse. Mayflower's typical patient has been through treatment before and has also failed to launch into life. They are still dependent on a system (family) that enables them. Mayflower's program blends the 12 Steps with a strong clinical and medical approach, and the extended care program identifies and helps with life skills. Staff is a true multidisciplinary team. Visit

Next Step Recovery

Next Step Recovery is a transitional living community for men recovering from substance abuse. The two recovery homes are located in a historic neighborhood just minutes from downtown Asheville, N.C. The unique program offers 24-hour structured supervision, on-site relapse prevention education, life skills classes, 12-Step support, a full-time program director, licensed addictions counselors, random drug screening and an outdoor adventure program. For more information, please call 828-350-9960 or visit

Seven Hills Behavioral Health

Seven Hills Behavioral Health (SHBH) is committed to improving the quality of life of each client by providing efficient, effective treatment. SHBH's substance abuse/addiction treatment program promotes dignity and respect, and offers clients the dedication that SHBH extends to all programs. SHBH believes that all people are capable of change. SHBH's goal is to provide prompt, professional and culturally competent services to assist patients and their families in improving their quality of life through treatment of issues related to substance abuse. Visit

Sober Haven Bali

Sober Haven Bali is an eight-day experience on the island of Bali. The retreat provides space to surf, scuba dive, tour, golf, yoga and shop while in a positive and supportive environment. This is a time to unwind from the pressures of life while staying close to a recovery program and surrounded by others in recovery. 12-Step meetings are offered in the mornings and evenings, while days can be filled with cultural activities, adventure, rejuvenation, fitness and new friendships. Visit

Sundown Ranch

Sundown Ranch Inc. is an alcohol and drug abuse treatment center located just outside of Canton, Texas. Sundown Ranch specializes in treating adolescents and young adults, ages 12 to 24, who are in need of intensive therapy for chemical dependency and related co-occurring disorders. The caring staff and unique environment provide an excellent opportunity for adolescents and young adults to achieve a successful recovery. Visit

Sunshine Coast Health Center

An exclusively male, private-pay facility, Sunshine Coast Health Center provides a scientific alternative to traditional addiction treatment. With an emphasis on helping clients live meaningful lives, Sunshine Coast's positive, meaning-centered approach is an updated version of Viktor Frankl's logotherapy, integrating existential psychotherapy, applied positive psychology, and narrative therapy. Clients also receive medical/psychiatric services, fitness programs, and concurrent PTSD treatment, while families receive systems-based family therapy. All Sunshine Coast therapists have, at minimum, a master's degree. Visit

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