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Enterhealth Ranch brings long view to facility upgrades

March 16, 2017
by Tom Valentino, Senior Editor
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Since opening its doors in late 2008, Enterhealth Ranch has always prioritized quality and thoroughness over speed in its treatment of alcohol and drug addiction.

“We’re big believers that what helps people get better is time,” says David M. Kniffen Jr., CEO and president.

It’s no surprise, then, that Enterhealth is taking a long view with its facility upgrades, too. The residential treatment program, located just north of the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas, is nearing the halfway point of a three-year, $3 million renovation project.

“Patients are looking for solutions that work, and what’s coming to market in the way programs are being deployed today are things that are affordable and low-cost, but aren’t necessarily in the best interests of the patient,” Kniffen says. “A lot of the things we’re doing on our campus to make this environment better and this experience more dignified and enjoyable are because we know they’re going to be with us for a period of time.”

Patients typically spend at least 45 days on the 43-acre property, Kniffen says. Family members are involved in treatment every step of the way as well. Enterhealth accepts self-payment for treatment, but works with patients, families and insurers to secure out-of-network reimbursement.

The first phase of the facility improvements centered on renovating the nursing and medical wing, adding 2,500 square feet of space for a revamped nursing station, consultation rooms, dedicated spaces for neuropsychological testing, conference rooms and staff offices. What followed was a remodeling of the 6,000-square-foot main entrance building and a community center that provides a dedicated area to teach and have families on weekends.

Upgrading amenities and outdoor activities has also been a priority. Enterhealth is replacing its basketball/tennis court, as well as adding enhanced walking trails, a fishing pond and a therapeutic ropes course. The program is also integrating equine therapy and providing a dog kennel on site. The latter is a result of patients frequently expressing concern over what would happen to their pets upon entering treatment, Kniffen says.

The next phase of the renovation will focus on patient rooms. Enterhealth currently has 38 beds for residents. After adding 12 rooms and remodeling some original units, the new residential capacity will sit around 45 beds.

“I do not think we will get much bigger than that, if at all, because we’re really focused on the boutique feel,” Kniffen says. “This is a high-touch, high-end campus, and for us to go beyond that, we feel like we’re going to lose some of that. So, I don’t see this being a 75-bed residential treatment campus. We’ll keep the focus right around 45. You lose the ability to get into the individual nature of each of the patients and their families when you get too big.”

Renovations at Enterhealth are projected to be completed in 2018.

Tom Valentino is Senior Editor of Addiction Professional.