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Electronic Health Records, Education Providers

September 1, 2010
by root
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Electronic Health Records

Accumedic Computer Systems, Inc.

AccuMed EMR is designed for addiction and behavioral health treatment agencies. The user-friendly, scalable, reliable and affordable application includes: form designer; customized treatment plans; intake, progress and discharge notes; e-prescription; e-labs; caseload management; integrated scheduler; patient appointment reminder; document management; rule-based billing engine; and more. AccuMed utilizes SQL database and operates in Windows. Accumedic offers creative leasing options and provides professional support and on-site training to customers nationwide. Visit www.accumedic.com.

Anasazi Software

Since 1989, Anasazi Software has been focused on creating a comprehensive software solution for the behavioral healthcare industry. Anasazi's electronic health record system was designed with three goals in mind: improving quality of care, increasing productivity, and maximizing revenue for organizations. Working closely with funded national and state user groups, Anasazi develops software that evolves with the industry and its needs. For more information, call (866) 529-7547 or visit http://anasazisoftware.com.

B Sharp Technologies Inc.

B Sharp Technologies has been providing solutions for addictions and mental health for over a decade to hospitals, clinics and other points of care delivery. The brand, B Care, is an integrated health information system that includes, among other benefits, a suite of point-of-care assessment and case management tools that promote care planning and outcome-based reporting. B Care is designed to adapt to the demands of client care and evolving standards. Visit http://bsharp.com.

ClinicTracker EMR

A new EMR must be easy to implement and use for staff that's not ready to accept changes. A new EMR must improve communication with staff and patients with an internal messaging system. A new EMR must manage compliance regulations so that documentation is paperless and timely. A new EMR must improve staff efficiency and provide mobile access for growth without increasing administrative headcount. ClinicTracker is designed by behavioral healthcare clinicians. Learn more at www.clinictracker.com.

Core Solutions, Inc.

Core Solutions, Inc. (CORE) provides comprehensive, Web-based, enterprise-wide software solutions for payer and provider health organizations with a focus on electronic medical records systems. CORE systems are installed in commercial, private and government organizations of all sizes across the country, including state payer agencies and departments, county government and private for-profit and non-profit provider organizations. Core Solutions, Inc. provides comprehensive COTS solutions combined with support, customization, development and implementation services for a complete cost-effective solution. Visit www.coresolutionsinc.com.

Credible Behavioral Health Software

Credible Behavioral Health Software provides secure, easy-to-use software for clinic, community, residential and mobile care providers across the United States. Credible provides integrated clinical, e-prescribing, scheduling, billing, form management, advanced search, mobile and management reporting functionality. A SaaS provider for 10 years, Credible is committed to continuous innovation, an easy-to-use interface and a long-term partnership approach. Visit www.credibleinc.com.

Defran Systems

Defran Systems' Evolv-CS is a Web-based enterprise case, clinical and financial management system designed for the unique needs of human services organizations. It's a system trusted by agencies nationwide. Evolv-CS includes advanced case and clinical management tools, productivity aids and a comprehensive set of financial and billing features-creating an integrated electronic medical record (EMR) and AR/AP sub-ledger system. Visit Defran Systems online at www.defran.com or send your questions to info@defran.com.


E*HealthLine’s PHOENIX EMR is integrated with E*Prescribe and E*Lab, enabling physicians to focus on the practice of medicine to meet the increasing demands of delivering cost-effective, proactive and quality healthcare. PHOENIX supports complete and real-time documentation, decision-making and order management for hospitals and the physician’s office, while managing the patient’s flow throughout the enterprise. PHOENIX provides clinicians with the necessary tools needed for healthcare quality measures and patient disease management. Visit www.ehealthline.com.