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Dreams of Using Also Affect Those in Later Recovery

September 1, 2006
by root
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I am a counseling supervisor in Central Florida. I was reading the issue in which Roger Martinez wrote about dreams of using (September 2005 issue). I have been in recovery myself for 11-plus years now. The article stated that only newly sober individuals will have using dreams for a while. I differ with this because I still average two or three intense using dreams a month. This average has been consistent for 11 years.

I just thought you would like another perspective. I am sure you know there are exceptions to every “norm.” Many of my friends who are long recovered also report vivid using dreams long after their last use.

Roger Martinez's reply: Kevin, thank you for sharing your perspective. We are in agreement. I merely focused in my column on what I have seen in my work experience. I have heard of what you describe many times—mostly from friends rather than clients, as most of my clientele are in early sobriety. Statistically, the clients I referred to (those who have been sober for about three to six months) usually have the most dreams related to using.

Kevin M. Pearl, Central Florida