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Body Image Often Addressed Early in Treatment

January 1, 2006
by root
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The article by Nicholas A. Roes, PhD, in the July 2005 issue, “Body Image a Critical Factor in Treatment of Adolescent Girls,” was right on target and very well-written. I am a female interventionist for young adults, and I've seen body image play a critical role for a majority of my clients.

Once my client has accepted her problem and has agreed to treatment, I open the door to the beginning of the recovery process, simply by talking about how her addiction started. What many girls have told me is that their drug was “fun” at first, but then they saw how it helped keep their weight down and that it sped up their metabolism. I truly feel for these girls; growing up in today's world seems so very difficult.

I want to thank you on behalf of all clinicians for opening our eyes to this growing problem.

Courtney Toner, Intervention Specialist, ACT Intervention Specialists, Exton, Pennsylvania