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SAMHSA cites system flaws in moving to alter identification of evidence-based practices

January 17, 2018     Gary A. Enos, Editor
The National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP) is being replaced in Washington with an in-house approach to identifying behavioral health practices supported by science.

Often in recovery, it takes two

January 16, 2018     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Addiction professionals are increasingly embracing couples therapy early in treatment, breaking with tradition in the field.

Advocacy group slams Montana county policy on pregnant women

January 15, 2018     Gary A. Enos, Editor
The Big Horn County Attorney's Office has announced a crackdown targeting women who use substances while pregnant, asking health professionals and others to report cases to authorities.

BMX athlete Tony Hoffman gets back on the bike

January 11, 2018     Tom Valentino, Senior Editor
Once derailed by substance use, the former phenom has flourished as a coach and motivational speaker.

Leader says California marijuana law puts clinicians in more comfortable position

January 5, 2018     Gary A. Enos, Editor
A treatment leader in California discusses the changing clinical dynamics around California's new recreational marijuana law.

Field leans on peers, but roles remain ill-defined

January 4, 2018     Alison Knopf, Contributing Writer
Persons with lived experience of addiction are taking on added importance in the substance use treatment community, given the urgency of the opioid crisis.

Patient uneasiness complicates treatment for stimulant use

December 30, 2017     Gary A. Enos, Editor
A clinical leader says that, to a greater extent than with other drugs, many patients with stimulant use problems steadfastly want to remain on the substances.

County pushes toward elusive goal of treatment on demand

December 26, 2017     Rachael Zimlich, RN, Contributing Writer
King County, Wash., is offering addiction and mental health providers financial incentives for building systems to offer more rapid access to care.

Medical marijuana laws have differing effects on youth use patterns

December 20, 2017     Gary A. Enos, Editor
New research indicates that enactment of state medical marijuana laws leads to some substance use increases among older adolescents, but decreases among younger adolescents.

Holiday help: Five ways clinicians can help patients handle emotions

December 18, 2017     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Clinicians treating patients in recovery can help patients navigate subjects such as family-of-origin issues and holiday parties during what can be a stressful season.

Overall teen drug use down, but many turning to vaping

December 14, 2017     Tom Valentino, Senior Editor
Cigarette smoking and misuse of prescription opioids are down among teens, but vaping and marijuana use raise concerns in annual Monitoring the Future survey.

Justice institute: Don't turn away from treatment-focused approaches

December 14, 2017     Gary A. Enos, Editor
The Vera Institute of Justice is making a research case for not returning to a punitive mindset as the nation combats the opioid epidemic.

Clinicians seek solutions in #MeToo movement

December 13, 2017     Tom Valentino, Senior Editor
Clinicians weigh in on how to proceed as high-profile stories of sexual harassment and assault empower more victims to share their own experiences.

A clearer NAATP ethics code may shut some members out of organization

December 12, 2017     Gary A. Enos, Editor
The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) appears poised to make 2018 a signature year for weeding out unethical business conduct.

Full circle: My journey gloriously continues to unfold

December 11, 2017     Thomas M. Greaney, MEd, LADC, CCDP, SAP
The writer confronts difficult emotions and celebrates personal growth amid a holiday period that challenges persons in recovery.

Caron's new medical center speaks to complex care needs

December 6, 2017     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Caron Treatment Centers has established a medical hub on its main campus as it continues to see cases of growing complexity.

Private practice in the era of addiction

December 4, 2017     Sherry Benton, PhD
People with addictions often have co-morbid behavioral health problems such as anxiety and depression. Yet, we often focus on treating the addiction alone, rather than the ripple effect of related problems.

FDA approves once-monthly injectable buprenorphine product

December 1, 2017     Tom Valentino, Senior Editor
The FDA has approved a once-monthly injectable form of buprenorphine for the treatment of opioid use disorder, but clinicians are lukewarm on its use.

Treating trauma, addiction and shame requires a slower pace

November 29, 2017     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief
With the high prevalence of addiction disorders today, more private practice therapists are seeing patients who need treatment for addiction as well as mental health conditions.