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Building Recovery-Oriented System of Care - Raleigh, NC - March 10, 2015

Raleigh, NC  ♦  Tuesday March 10, 2015  ♦  11am - 1pm

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Addiction professionals in the Raleigh, NC community and beyond came together on March 10th to discuss Building a Recovery-Oriented System of Care. The event, produced by Addiction Professional, featured several panelists to provide their perspective:

  • Michael Washo, M.D.  - Medical Director, Fellowship Hall
  • Chris LaSalle - Clinical Coordinator, Ridgeview Institute
  • Amy McMillan, M.Ed., LPCS - Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Board Certified Clinical Therapist, Believe



The event was moderated by Jennifer Turney with Addiction Professional. Click below to listen to podcast.


Michael Washo discusses how addiction is a chronic illness which takes collective efforts to combat.


Chris LaSalle emphasizes that focus needs to be placed on foundational education and training within the addiction recovery field.



Amy McMillan speaks on the importance of coordination and networking within the professional treatment system.




The event was made possible through the support of Dominion Diagnostics, Heroes in Recovery, Fellowship Hall and Ridgeview Institute.



Michael Washo, M.D.  
Medical Director, Fellowship Hall
Michael Washo, M.D., joined the leadership team of Fellowship Hall as Medical Director in October 2014. Dr. Washo is board certified in psychiatry and board eligible in addiction medicine (with plans to be certified in 2015).  He completed his undergraduate degree at Duke University, medical school at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and his residency in psychiatry at Duke. He rotated through Fellowship Hall as a Duke resident in 2006.  Dr. Washo served as a staff psychiatrist at R.J. Blackley Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center in Butner, NC from 2007 through October 2014.
Chris LaSalle
Clinical Coordinator, Ridgeview Institute

Chris LaSalle is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the Clinical Coordinator for the Adult Psychiatric and Adult Addiction Medical Services for the outpatient Day Program at Ridgeview Institute. In his position he is responsible for development and maintenance of the compassionate, high-quality treatment offered at RVI. He has a broad range of clinical experience having worked in a clinical capacity in inpatient and outpatient treatment at hospitals and mental health centers since 1991. Chris has expertise working with the broad spectrum of psychiatric and addiction diagnoses including Dual Diagnoses.


Amy McMillan, M.Ed., LPCS
Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Board Certified Clinical Therapist, Believe

Amy has worked in the Eating Disorder and Recovery field for over 15 years. She is a counselor, educator, consultant, clinical supervisor, and practicing owner of Believe In Therapy, a therapeutic center for change. Nationally Board Certified, Amy is a graduate of North Carolina State University’s Psychology, Sociology, and Counseling programs. She specializes in treating eating disorders, depression, anxiety, dual diagnoses, and trauma. Utilizing eclectic methods, Amy is trained in DBT, CBT, hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques, guided imagery, and art therapy.

Amy is an active consultant to other professionals, as well as speaking for companies including Glaxo Smith Kline, SAS, CRC Health Group, YMCA, Lifetime Fitness, Blue Cross Blue Shield's Health Awareness drive at North Carolina Farm Bureau, and LPCANC. Amy worked for Guardian ad Litem, an organization providing counseling for abused and neglected children, and was the Clinical Director for a Critical Access Behavioral Health Agency.  She is a trained DBT provider, and was invited to lead DBT groups at Carolina House IOP, as well as providing individual treatment in the residential program of Carolina House.  Her articles and presentations have included topics such as, DBT and CBT in treating Binge Eating Disorders, Treating Eating Disordered Clients in Private Practice, Addictions, Trauma and Mindfulness.


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