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New NAATP chief must earn trust

November 13, 2014  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief
Michael Walsh helped to change the face of NAATP in his two year role as president and CEO. Now he hopes the work he began will continue into the future under a new leader.

Rising tide: Voters in Oregon, Alaska approve pot legalization

November 5, 2014  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
With voters in four states now having approved legalization of marijuana for adult recreational use, many are anticipating an even more intensive advocacy fight on this issue in 2016.

Mixed prospects for next week's marijuana ballot initiatives

October 29, 2014  |  Alison Knopf, Contributing Writer
Among the initiatives on next week's election ballots across the country, a marijuana legalization measure in Oregon seems headed to passage, while a similar initiative in Alaska faces likely defeat.

Women's advocate warns of consequences from Colo. 'personhood' amendment

October 28, 2014  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
National Advocates for Pregnant Women believes that passage of Amendment 67 in Colorado would subject some women to arrest and prosecution for drinking or smoking during pregnancy.

As targeted Fla. sober home closes, attention shifts to legislation, regulation

October 22, 2014  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
An ongoing investigation of Florida recovery residences and addiction treatment organizations could be paving the way for a number of potential legislative and regulatory actions.

Proposed bill could mandate drug testing for college athletes in Ohio

October 14, 2014  |  Julia Brown, Associate Editor
Ohio would be the first state to require testing and set penalties for college athletes caught using illegal substances if the measure passes.

Why society should consider medical marijuana

October 14, 2014  |  Scott Kellogg, PhD
A therapist sees marijuana as liberating some patients from the confines of physical illness.

Florida’s medical marijuana initiative could take liability away from providers

October 10, 2014  |  Julia Brown, Associate Editor
Upon voter approval, the initiated constitutional amendment would legalize medical marijuana, and its vague wording could leave negligent providers of the drug without liability in the result of adverse effects, opponents of the amendment say.

Organizer sees health and awareness goals in substance-free challenge

October 6, 2014  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
Today begins's #14Days On the Wagon Challenge, asking citizens to refrain from any alcohol or non-medical drug use for two weeks.

BREAKING: Addiction fighters want FDA chief to step down

September 24, 2014  |  Julie Miller
Margaret Hamburg has been under fire for months for allowing FDA approval of opioid drugs that have high risk of abuse

'Big cities' visit DC seeking tools to fight opioid addiction

September 18, 2014  |  Alison Knopf, Contributing Writer
Expanded access to buprenorphine for treatment and naloxone for overdose reversal topped the request list of public health leaders from three major cities at a Capitol Hill briefing this week.

NAADAC director sees infusion of youth as part of Recovery Month

September 9, 2014  |  Gary A. Enos, Editor
This month's kickoff luncheon for Recovery Month honored both the pioneering influences of the addiction field and the next generation.


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