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Field applies knowledge around treating pregnant women to outpatient care

October 11, 2016     Rebecca Flood
The treatment community must embrace truly family-centered care in order to meet the needs of pregnant and postpartum women.

Provider weighs in on marijuana policy: What's your take?

October 10, 2016     Gary A. Enos, Editor
A California treatment executive reacts to our recent coverage of state ballot measures on marijuana policy, with his support of decriminalization.

Employee wellness: Is your staff fit for duty?

September 7, 2016     Rebecca Flood
All addiction treatment facilities must model the wellness practices that they encourage for the patients they serve.

The disease/non-disease debate obscures the reality

August 22, 2016     Roland Reeves, MD
As with most issues, Roland Reeves argues, both sides of the disease debate around addiction have valid contributions.

Do your politics impact your clinical effectiveness?

August 10, 2016     Jamie Marich, Ph.D., LPCC-S, LICDC-CS, REAT, RMT
A NALGAP President's Award recipient discusses the importance of ethical self-inquiry in clinical work.

An historic anti-drug image now carries a new message

August 10, 2016     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Much has changed since an egg in a frying pan became forever etched into our consciousness.

Accreditation takes on added importance

June 29, 2016     Rebecca Flood
Licenses and certifications are not enough of a determinant of quality for addiction treatment and recovery facilities, Rebecca Flood states in a look at accreditation.

Recovery residence community needs code of ethics

June 16, 2016     Beth Fisher Sanders
Areas such as appropriate boundaries, proper drug screening practices and ethical marketing are addressed in a national code of ethics for sober living operations that is currently under review.

My personal thoughts on the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando

June 13, 2016     Phil McCabe, CSW, CAS
NALGAP president Phil McCabe says this weekend's tragedy should remind us to hold accountable anyone who espouses hate.

Why professional and experienced interventionists are necessary

May 23, 2016     David Brown
A recent exchange with a person conducting interventions and compromising confidentiality demonstrates the importance of monitoring activity in the intervention arena.

Nominate programs that drive clinical excellence

May 6, 2016     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Addiction Professional's Outstanding Clinical Care Awards will honor addiction treatment programs that are making a difference in reaching underserved populations.

People and experiences influence leadership

May 4, 2016     Rebecca Flood
In facing numerous challenges, leaders are guided by those who have had a profound influence on their lives.

A vocal provider issues a mea culpa

May 2, 2016     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Florida-based Novus Detox Center says it jumped the gun on a communication that made assumptions about the death of music star Prince.

We're all in this together

April 25, 2016     Dan Griffin
The field must rid itself of "either/or" thinking that states that support for men's needs represents an affront to women.

Dedicated men have shaped my leadership role

April 22, 2016     Rebecca Flood
The values of men in Rebecca Flood's life helped define her commitment to the organizations she cares about.

The eagle flies alone, surrounded by angels

April 11, 2016     Rebecca Flood
A number of pioneering women contributed greatly to the successes of the author and her treatment organization.

Gay men, meth, and sex: what addiction professionals need to know

March 21, 2016     David Fawcett, PhD, LCSW
Addiction expert, author and therapist David Fawcett addresses the meth epidemic in gay male communities and discusses implications for effective and affirmative treatment.

Pennsylvania center strikes blow against maintenance drug

March 3, 2016     Gary A. Enos, Editor
A news release from Clearbrook Treatment Centers that warns of dire consequences from an emphasis on medication treatments is pointed in some respects but less direct in others.

We keep repeating episodic care, and we keep failing

February 12, 2016     Roland Reeves, MD
A chronic-care model for impaired professionals has been successful tested, but the addiction treatment field is not applying it more widely.

Improve the environment of care, in ways big and small

February 9, 2016     Rebecca Flood
Updates to the environment of care can have a huge impact on patient wellness, and most do not have to break the bank.