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Addiction specialists report growing struggle to meet demand for medication treatment

January 7, 2016     Gary A. Enos, Editor
With possible revisions to buprenorphine prescribing limits looming, respondents to an American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) survey report increasing difficulty in meeting demand for the opioid addiction treatment.

Patients' high risk for nicotine dependence requires more attention

January 4, 2016     David Macmaster, CSAC, PTTS
The addiction treatment field needs a better understanding of the causes of its patients' increased vulnerability to tobacco's harmful effects.

Four best practices for addressing failure to launch and substance use in young adults

December 31, 2015     Julia Brown, Associate Editor
Experts say it's important to compartmentalize and understand the individual issues that the client is presenting with, to involve the family, and to encourage healthy, fun alternatives to drug use.

NAATP will more closely monitor ethical conduct within its ranks

December 31, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
In its year-end message to members and colleagues, the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) says facility members that are found to engage in unethical practices could face termination from the organization.

Our readers closely analyzed treatment's support team in 2015

December 31, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Recovery coaches, interventionists and sober homes were among the prominent topics that garnered the most interest among readers of the Addiction Professional website in 2015.

Take the tedium out of patient journaling

December 29, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
The medical director of a New Jersey treatment facility says a more concise approach to journaling proves more productive than the traditional journaling concept.

Older patients can benefit from MI to prevent opioid misuse

December 19, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
New research suggests that the strengths-based approach inherent in Motivational Interviewing (MI) can help older-adult pain patients at risk of opioid misuse or abuse.

Pennsylvania conducts awareness trainings for addiction professionals on hepatitis C

December 18, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
With more promising hepatitis C treatments now available, state health officials in Pennsylvania are intensifying the push for more widespread testing, including at addiction treatment centers.

Entrepreneur establishes online resource and referral center

December 16, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Peter Hamilton says Freedom From Addiction will focus on diverse efforts to build community and facilitate earlier intervention for individuals in need.

Five 'outside the box' strategies for your group

December 15, 2015     Izaak L. Williams
These techniques and interventions can help meet some of the challenges associated with achieving productive and meaningful group treatment sessions.

Addiction Professional Quality of Life Survey

December 14, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Addiction Professional conducted its inaugural Quality of Life Survey to gain a better understanding of clinicians’ everyday work and experiences as well as their attitudes toward the profession. The online survey, conducted in October, generated 550 responses.

Illustrating the connection among addiction, psychiatric illness and trauma

December 11, 2015     Julio I. Rojas, PhD
A visual framework can guide clinical care for the vast number of individuals affected by co-occurring disorders and trauma.

Welcoming pregnant women, where others turn away

December 7, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Two South Florida organizations partnering under the Pregnant Addiction Solutions initiative are building a supportive treatment environment for a highly stigmatized population.

A match made in Florida: Program seeks to blend golf and recovery

December 3, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Could commonalities between successful golf and sustainable recovery make golf a productive component of a treatment and recovery program?

Would a three-day hold help or hinder treatment?

December 1, 2015     Alison Knopf, Contributing Writer
Outreach and treatment capacity issues are at the heart of the debate over a controversial proposal in Massachusetts to commit to a hospital persons with substance use disorders who pose a danger to self or others.

Upcoming ruling on smokeless tobacco will offer window to government's view

November 25, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
As the debate on the effects of electronic cigarettes rages on, a less-publicized discussion of whether smokeless tobacco offers a safer alternative to conventional smoking merits watching.

Should a clinician attend a patient's funeral?

November 20, 2015     Alison Knopf, Contributing Writer
Conflicting emotions surrounding patient deaths often manifest in uncertainty about whether a counselor should attend services for a patient.

A hard reality: Some patients will die

November 19, 2015     Alison Knopf, Contributing Writer
Do addiction treatment programs do enough to acknowledge their clinicians' feelings of loss when a patient dies? Alison Knopf looks at a complex topic that affects every treatment professional.

Drug monitoring programs, naloxone among focus areas of public health report

November 17, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
A group of experts that convened last year to address the prescription opioid crisis has formally issued recommendations that include mandated use of prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) by providers.

Unlikely partners ignite innovative opioid treatment project in D.C.

November 16, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
The leaders of an integrated care initiative for buprenorphine patients in an underserved area of Washington, D.C., are a urologist and a former medical director in a methadone treatment setting.