Facilities can take steps to reduce risk of early departure

January 28, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
This week's Addiction Professional webinar on lowering rates of treatment departure "against clinical advice" highlighted the need to obtain a more comprehensive profile of patients at intake.

All-responder treatment programs: Just another gimmick?

January 27, 2015     Mark Lamplugh, Jr.
A former firefighter now working as an addiction treatment consultant argues that programs should not buy into first responders' claims of uniqueness.

Two longtime providers partner on intensive services in Massachusetts

January 26, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Amid an infusion of new capital in the addiction treatment market, two traditional names in Northeast treatment services have decided instead to partner to establish new services.

Coping mechanisms as behavioral addictions

January 26, 2015     Robert L. Smedley, LICDC-CS, LSW
A variety of behaviors not directly related to substances produce symptoms comparable to those seen in substance use disorders.

CODAC receives health home accreditation

January 22, 2015     Julia Brown, Associate Editor
A primarily methadone and buprenorphine treatment program for opioid addiction, CODAC now possesses an accreditation that helps acknowledge that its patients receive more than a daily dose of methadone, and are being offered comprehensive care.

Addicted teens need more than a locked cabinet

January 22, 2015     Johnny Patout, LCSW
Clinicians must explore the factors that drive youths to drug use in the first place.

Northeast treatment chain builds community relationships; expects openings this year

January 21, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Bringing on a diverse executive team and executing a vision for science-based service certainly does not exempt an organization such as Recovery Centers of America from facing the inherent challenges of operating in the treatment industry.

Recovering students need support as they transition

January 20, 2015     Brian Coon
Programs that serve college students and recovering professionals rarely are aware of each other, but should collaborate for the good of their clients.

NIH panel: Evidence lacking for opioids in chronic pain treatment; more team-based care needed

January 19, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Arguably the most prevalent theme in a new report on the use of opioids in treating chronic pain is the surprising lack of evidence of efficacy of these and other pain treatments.

Academy keynoter: No cookie-cutter approach to buprenorphine treatment

January 14, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Matthew A. Torrington, MD's presentation at next month's Addiction Professional Academy on opioid addiction and pain management will emphasize individualized approaches to medication-assisted treatment, and will highlight the role of the counselor.

New book offers accessible look at 12 Step's research base

January 12, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Say what you will about 12-Step support, but just don't say AA and its components have not been thoroughly researched, says clinician and author Joseph Nowinski, PhD.

Patients should never block emotions

January 9, 2015     Nicholas A. Roes, PhD
The teacher of the popular course in Positive Psychology at Harvard agrees that patients should feel free to accept all of their emotions, positive or negative.

Study: Gender-sensitive treatment for women improves employment prospects

January 7, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Research that previously reported encouraging arrest outcomes for women receiving gender-sensitive substance use treatment has now found similarly positive results for employment.

Cliffside Malibu spreads message about treatment worldwide

January 5, 2015     Alison Knopf, Contributing Writer
Cliffside Malibu offers high-end residential treatment at home, but overseas it reaches out to professionals about affordable solutions in resource-poor environments.

Readers delved into difficult policy issues in 2014

January 5, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Management ethics and marijuana policy ranked among the most prominent topics for readers of Addiction Professional's online content in 2014.

Should treatment centers consider retiring the graduation ceremony?

January 2, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Some leaders question whether the traditional graduation ceremony at the end of a treatment stay conveys the right message about the nature of addiction.

Buprenorphine taper less effective than ongoing maintenance therapy for opioid dependence

December 29, 2014     Julia Brown, Associate Editor
The study was conducted due to the lack of evidence-based guidelines for primary care physicians to decide between the two methods of treating patients. In specialty addiction treatment settings, using buprenorphine remains controversial.

Facilities targeting specialized needs of opioid-dependent and pain patients

December 19, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
Medical leaders from two addiction treatment facilities explain how their operations have become more specialized in their approach to opioid addiction and pain recovery.

MTF survey: Most youth use patterns down, but e-cigs present new concern

December 16, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor
With the latest Monitoring the Future data showing young people's use of some substances at historic lows, anti-drug leaders' attention is turning to concerns over some youths' emerging attraction to electronic cigarettes.

Automated EEG biofeedback proven effective in treatment for substance abuse

December 16, 2014     Julia Brown, Associate Editor
The technique can provide an alternative to the drugs commonly used to treat attention-deficit disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, which have the potential to spark addiction or relapse.
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