Payment system among the unconventional aspects of treatment center in Michigan

February 13, 2012
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Best Drug Rehabilitation offers flat rate for residential services
Payment system among the unconventional aspects of treatment center in Michigan

A northern Michigan residential treatment program that offers customized faith-based curricula and daily scheduled exercise periods also looks different from many other centers on the payment end of the business. Administrators decided when they opened Best Drug Rehabilitation last November that they would identify one flat payment rate for services, regardless of length of stay in the largely self-pay program.

“They’re getting a result more than a number of days,” says Dan Green, the Manistee-based center’s senior director of expansion. At a rate of $15,900 for anything from a 30-day to a 90-day stay, Best Drug Rehabilitation appears to be avoiding the price shock that is likely experienced by individuals and families examining treatment options on both coasts of the U.S.

If medically supervised detox is needed for a Best Drug Rehabilitation client dependent on substances such as alcohol or benzodiazepines, the overall flat rate for services is $18,400. The program does work with insurance.

Best Drug Rehabilitation has the capacity to serve 175 adults at a time in the residential program, although founder Per Wickstrom says the center would like to keep the census no larger than 100.

Wickstrom took a circuitous route to running a center where flexibility appears to be the watchword. Once featured on the television show “COPS” as he fled authorities after a drug sting, he says he found recovery through a Narconon program in 2000 and opened a facility loosely based in Scientology teachings three years later. Now he runs a program in which clients have access to multiple faith-based curricula, including those in Native American, Christian and Muslim spirituality.

Most Best Drug Rehabilitation clients will not be able to complete the program in fewer than 40 days, and some might need upwards of 90, says the center’s leaders. The clinical program is based largely on improving clients’ communication skills; teaching them to confront issues and therefore devise solutions; and helping them to regain personal control.

“What determines length of stay has a lot to do with a client’s willingness, physical stability, and ability to apply the information that is learned in treatment,” Green says.

He adds that cost control has been an important priority for leaders of the center. “If you look at the big picture, families generally have only one opportunity to save their loved one’s life,” Green says.




BDR has kept me clean and sober. I am so glad I went there for rehab. I miss the staff and the friends I made. I can never tell you how much it means to me and how much I have benefited. It made a difference in my life. Thank you BDR.

I didn't know that there are

I didn't know that there are drug rehabilitation centers that offer flat rates for their services. That's good to know; all of the rehab centers I've looked at charge really odd rates. I hope that I can find one that's close to where I live. I'm putting my son in rehab to treat his alcohol addiction. I don't want to cut him off from seeing me completely, so I would like to put him in a treatment center so that I can visit him regularly.

Saved My Life

This Rehab saved my life. Before this I was living beside a dumpster in a chick-fil-a parking lot eating stale biscuits and asking people for money to buy meth. The program saved my life and put me back on track. I now have a good job as a welder and I am happy and drug free! Thank you Best Drug Rehabilitation!


Thats awesome

My Experience with Best Drug Rehab

I've known about Best Drug Rehab since it opened it's doors and have known many of the staff and owners. I believe that this program was started because the own had his own life saved by drug and alcohol treatment. Because of this he started to help others addicted to drugs.

Dealing with addiction in my family I can say it's no easy feat to help drug and alcohol abusers. It takes a special kind of person and organization to do this and is something that requires kindness, patience, special training and compassion. Drugs are a major societal problem. I personally have had family members and friends who have gotten off drugs through this type of program. And I've also had family that did not get the right help and who ended up losing the battle and their life because of addiction.

My personal experience with Best Drug Rehabilitation is that they really offer many choices to clients who are in treatment. They have specialized approaches like MRT and SMART Recovery as well as traditional approaches like 12 step and non-12 step rehab methods. The other thing that sets them apart is that they offer nutrition and exercise as part of their program. They have a trained nutritionist, physical trainer and even a martial arts program and yoga program.

For those who want a different path they have art and music programs. Above and beyond their ability to offer different solutions for recovery they are VERY active in the community and work with a number of great charities and organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Imagination Heals, American Cancer Society, MADD, Music with a Mission, food drives and many others.

I recommend this center because of their cause and their results. As well as their therapies.

This place is horrible

If you want drug treatment for anyone go to the SAMHSA website and click on the treatment referral box. This place is not on there and that says something about this place. I had a friend send her son there and he would call talking about how overcrowded it was, the physical altercations between patients, and the food that was not edible. Then when we tried to get him out they would not release him and we had to call to get a police escort to get him out of their building. The counselors are not credentialed and this is not Chemical Dependency treatment. My friend panicked and did a search for treatment without looking into credentials, before I knew what she had done he was already on a plane to Michigan. This was a very bad experience for her son as well as all of us involved with having to deal with the people working in this facility. DONT SEND ANYONE HERE! Find a treatment facility that is on the SAMHSA website and get them actual help. This facility should be forced to change its name.

This Place Saved My Son

Best Drug Rehabilitation worked great for me and my family. They offered great financing options and lots of help for me to send my son there. Hope others can benefit from this place, as much as my family did!


Wow, what a fascinating story! Is there a link to the episode online? Amazing how far he has come.

Huge SCAM - Beware

Have a loved one who was scammed out of thousands of dollars. Did not provide the care as stated. the food was so bad that she could not eat most of her meals and relied on PB jelly sandwiches. She was promised healthy food as part of the program. She was asked to sit and stare at a wall for 2 hours and then talk about bluebirds. She was promised massages and a beautiful scenery. Massages were in fact offered, but at an additional cost. (this is after paying thousands!) The facility was completely run-downed and dirty. Horrible horrible experience!

Before getting scammed, research Scientology and drug rehab fronts and see the lawsuits.

Oh please tell me it isnt so.

Oh please tell me it isnt so. My son is currently in this facility and we have had no contact wih him for over a week. What would you advise based upon your personal experience?

Is is so...

My sister was in crisis with her son and his addiction to heroin. I started looking into treatment facilities for her and was attracted to the use of amino acids and the "holistic" approach was attractive.

However, there is NO REASON to send a loved one out of state! I discovered the Scientology connection and I was immediately alarmed. They don't "say it", but it's true.

My nephew was required to sit and be belittled, accepting every filthy and derogatory name in the book without changing his facial expression? The way I see it, is re-traumatizing a person who's addiction is directly related to trauma is nothing short of negligent. Some how he got access to alcohol while at the facility and was "kicked out for a night" with no where to go.

The place is filthy and run by former clients with absolutely no or questionable credentials. My nephew walked away from the place in April and he's now using on the streets of Detroit... Family hears from him rarely- when he's in need for money, which I'm sure is for his addiction maintenance.

My sister was unable to reach the once very friendly staff shortly before and ever since he left the facility. They were eager to sign him up. I'm sick to my stomach that I didn't dig deeper before I allowed her to turn her son over. I have no words about this turn of events and I pray you have a better experience than ours, and the many other stories I've come across about this place. I can't change the past, but had I looked into this facility thoroughly I would have put the brakes on hard and fast. My sister was so hopeful the morning she put him on the plane... Nothing like breaking an already broken heart.

My sister and nephew were in crisis, they were both taken advantage of at the lowest point in their lives... We pray our loved one makes it home to Colorado ALIVE.

Best wishes to you and your family and if you pray, please continue.

Re: Oh please tell me it isnt so

I just happened to see this article and your reply. If you need assistance or more information, please visit Reaching For The Tipping Point Forum ( h t t p : / / reaching4 . info ) Once there, go to Narconon section and search for Best Drug Rehab. There are quite a few current complaints by others there, along with information. You can also sign up in order to post a request for help.
Best Drug Rehab is one of the many Church of Scientology front group Narconon programs that employ Scientology practices and programs. Best Drug rehab is the same as a Narconon facility, just a different name. You are right to be concerned
Best wishes,
~Mary McConnell, member of Tipping Point

Hello Mary,

Thank you for this information about Tipping Point. I will be take a look and be in touch within the next week or so, if you don't mind. I've been buried with studies to obtain a degree in Human Services with the Colorado CAC requirements built into my undergraduate work. Needless to say between that and trying to keep own issues in check has been challenging!

Warm Regards